Our story

The B2B buying journey is more complex and multifaceted than it’s ever been. Sales cycles are longer and more individuals are involved in buying decisions, each with their own roles and priorities. We’ve also entered a new era where buyers are discovering and learning about companies through multiple online touchpoints, making content the centerpiece of their buying journey.

These changes require that successful B2B marketers be buyer-centric. To rise above the noise and drive engagement and consensus among the multiple people (personas) in an account, marketers must provide high quality content, messaging, and interactions that support buyers’ needs and processes in the manner they desire. Achieving this, however, is dependent on having a truly deep understanding of your buyers.

The challenge marketers face is that existing technologies do not fully support this shift from being vendor-centric to buyer-centric because they’re solely focused on execution. While content production, account-based marketing, and personalization solutions exist, none of them can be used to their potential without first having Marketing-Sales alignment on the audience, how they buy, and how to effectively sell to them. That’s why many campaigns miss the mark, why so much content goes unused, and why opportunities are lost.

What’s missing in today’s technology landscape is a way to develop and operationalize the essential elements for strategic, buyer-centric marketing that enable you to get the most out of your marketing investments.

As B2B enterprise marketing technologists and practitioners, we saw this gap affect both our customers’ ability to sell and our own. There was no easy way to really understand the decision-making going on inside of accounts and who was involved, so we couldn’t be completely confident that our programs were on target. And we couldn’t ensure that what insights we did have on our buyers were being shared and executed on across the organization.

That’s why at Akoonu, we’ve built the first strategic marketing platform for account-based marketing and selling. We enable marketers to collaboratively map the buyers’ journey, so you can align your internal activities – like content creation, messaging, and campaigns – to your buyers’ needs and processes. Through this internal alignment and richer understanding of your audience, you’ll execute more targeted marketing and selling that generates high quality leads, engages all personas in an account, and powers a high quality buying journey.

Meet the Akoonerds

We’re a team of experienced entrepreneurs with extensive experience building and selling enterprise software. As marketing practitioners and technologists, we’re committed to creating value for our customers and colleagues, and for delivering products that drive success.

Jeff Freund

Founder, CEO

Darlene Mann

Co-Founder, COO and President

Deepesh Chourey

Co-Founder, Head of Engineering

Sean Noonan


Ravi Jagannathan

Head of Products

Kathleen Atkins

Head of Services

Matt Small

Founding Engineer

Our advisors rock

Robert Rose

Content Marketing Strategist, Author & Speaker

Anneke Seley

Improving Results for Buyers and Sellers with Inside Sales and Digital/ Social Selling. Author/Speaker/Advisor.

Christine Crandell

Technology Evangelist, Customer Alignment Consultant, Speaker, Author of Sellers' Compass & Blogger

Sabrina Horn

Managing Partner, US Technology Practice at Finn Partners

What does 'akoonu' mean?


From Yoruba, a West African language.

1. con·tent    /ˈkäntent/


The substance or material dealt with in a speech, literary work, etc., as distinct from its form or style.


2. con·tent    /kənˈtent/


In a state of peaceful happiness.

We aren't sure which translation is correct...but to us, it means both!

Our Values

We’re a team committed to excellence and quality in all that we do. We’re committed to creating value for our customers and colleagues, and for delivering products that drive success. But most of all, we’re a team that takes joy in working at Akoonu. It’s not just the day to day fun of working closely with a great group of people. We have that too. The joy is something bigger. It’s the joy of reveling in our work, of being up to big things, of knowing we make a difference every day, and of joining together around strong shared values.

Giving back to the community is important to us, and we're honored to have made the Founders' Pledge.

"The ability to plan our content against our personas and journey maps and give our content creators all the information they need in one place allows them to more efficiently create content that our audience finds valuable."


Asma Stewart

Vice President of Marketing, Propel(x)