B2B Sales Reps Succeed
with AkoonuTM FOR SALES

Get More Time for Selling and
Get Rid of Tedious Data Entry


Reduce Risks of Push, Loss or No Decision with Integrated Buyer Context

Akoonu Opportunity Maps Help You Get to Closed Won

  • Know which deals are likely winners by comparing patterns of buyer behavior to historical Win Maps for similar deals
  • Find all the key buyers in your accounts and track their engagement
  • Identify the risks in deals with automated analysis of buyer signals and deal facts
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Use Akoonu’s Intuitive New UI to Save Time in Salesforce®

Sell More Effectively Using Data Science

  • Reduce data entry with email/calendar integration that automates capture of sales activities, buyer engagement and new contacts
  • Increase productivity using one intuitive App UI to find and manage leads and contacts, develop deal strategies and make plays
  • Minimize prep time for Forecast, Pipeline and Deal Reviews with fast access and inline edits of Opportunity Data

Painless Preparation for Pipeline and Deal Reviews

Transform Sales Meetings from Frustrating to Fact-based, Focused and Fast

  • Take the stress out of preparing for Pipeline and Deal Reviews with Akoonu’s automated, fact-based approach to capturing deal status
  • Make Deal Reviews more efficient with visual Opportunity Maps and Buying Groups that instantly convey deal context
  • Focus conversation on the strategies and tactics that help you where you need help using integrated Sales and Buying stages
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Expertly Manage All the Buyers in Your Buying Groups

Track the Activity of Every Buyer in Your Buying Group

  • Tune Akoonu’s automated Buyer Groups to refine maps and define roles of leads and contacts in opportunities
  • Review the activity and engagement of individual buyers easily to inform your sales tactics and strategies
  • Take immediate action with direct access to content plays for each buyer at each stage of the sales process inside the Opportunity