Buying Groups are the
Key to B2B Sales

Know Which Buyers Are
Covered And Engaged

Strategic Buying Committee Management
for Account-Based Selling with AkoonuTM for Sales


Help Your Reps Stay Focused on the Buying Committee

Buying Group Management Prevents Unpleasant Surprises in Your Deals

  • Use data science to automate identifying and mapping your current leads and contacts to key buyer personas
  • Simplify finding and managing leads and contacts on accounts with integrated data sources and intuitive UIs
  • Identify in a glance missing buyer roles or lack of buyer engagement across all contacts in the deal to drive rep action
Manage leads and contacts in your buying groups
Identify personas and map to buying groups

Start with Data Science to Map the Buyers in the Buyers Journey

Akoonu for Sales automates Persona Identification for Mapping Buying Groups

  • Data science at implementation uncovers the buyer personas from past opportunities to guide your reps in current deals
  • Contacts matched to buyer personas in the buying group help reps stay focused on finding and engaging the right people
  • Leads automatically matched to the buying group can be converted with one click by Reps to ensure all the contacts at every account identified

Make it Easier for Reps to Find and Manage Buying Groups

Integrate Data Sources to Provide Immediate Access to Missing Contacts

  • Use Akoonu’s intuitive Buying Groups UI to help reps quickly identify contacts missing from the Buying Committee
  • Offer integrations to favorite data sources to support swiftly finding missing contacts
  • Drag and drop leads and contacts to their roles in the Buying Group with Akoonu’s intuitive UI for managing Buying Groups
Integrated data sources help reps find missing contacts in buying groups
Manage roles of each buyer in a buying group

Promote Selling Strategically Across Buying Groups

Help Reps Develop Understanding of Buyers Roles and Strategies for Engagement

  • Increase strategic thinking about deals by tracking buying roles in the buying group, such as Influencer or Decision Maker
  • Develop sales strategies that distinguish between the Buying Committee Members and other members of the Buying Group
  • Reduce single-contact syndrome by monitoring buyer activities in the Buying Group to ensure engagement across committee members