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Map to Your Buyers Journeys

Strategically Plan Content for Your Buyers Journeys with
AkoonuTM for Marketing

Plan Content Confidently with AkoonuTM for Marketing

Comprehensive Content Planning Tools Integrated With Detailed Buyers Journey Maps and Personas

  • Map your current inventory of content by buyer persona and journey stage to identify gaps and plan new investments strategically
  • Create a content plan that meets the needs of your buyers based on their roles, needs and preferences per journey stage
  • Plan individual content assets from ideas through candidates and fully defined briefs to guide fast and effective production
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Gain Clarity with Content Inventory and Coverage Maps

Assess Your Content Against Buyer Needs Before Making Additional Investments

  • Automatic or manual inventory to import content metadata from document repositories to create aggregated content lists
  • Content Wizard supports rapid mapping of content assets to buyers journeys, stages, and personas, including tagging to buyer needs
  • Coverage Maps visually show content assets available for each journey by buyer and stage

Assure Buyer Engagement with Strategic Content Planning

Prioritize Critical Content Gaps to Meet Buyer Needs in the Buyers Journey

  • Use Akoonu’s Content Coverage Maps to determine content investments by persona, stage, buyer needs and preferences
  • Define Content Themes and Audience Focus Areas to drive individual and team ideation within specified timelines
  • Track and manage content delivery plans with a lightweight calendar that integrates themes, audience focus and target completion dates for content assets
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Advance Your Ability to Execute High Quality and Timely Content

Raise Productivity With Pre-Production Planning and Buyer Insights from Akoonu for Marketing

  • Develop better content with tools to support content ideation and evaluate candidate content concepts across teams
  • Increase productivity by sharing completed briefs that detail intended audience, objectives, format, channel, links to style guides and more
  • Promote content quality by giving writers and creatives audience insights with journey maps and briefs linked to in-depth buyer personas