Productive Deal Reviews for
Account-Based Selling

More Efficient, More Effective Deal
Reviews with AkoonuTM for Sales


Structured Deal Reviews Deliver More Value Across Sales Teams

Faster Preparation, Better Discussion and Improved Follow-Through with Deal Reviews in AkoonuTM for Sales

  • Informative pipeline views and workflows let Managers and Reps efficiently identify, share and prepare deals to review
  • Buyer-aware Opportunity Maps create immediate deal context to reduce Q&A and increase strategy and coaching discussions
  • Streamlined workflows and fast access to next steps, tasks, and plays drive process and create continuity between meetings
Conduct deal reviews in salesforce with Akoonu
Flag deals for review

Efficiently Plan and Prepare for Productive Deal Reviews

Get Reps and Managers More from Deal Reviews with Less Administrative Burden

  • Deals flagged for review by reps or managers are shared, accessed, tracked and managed in a simple deal review workflow for easy organization and continuity between meetings
  • Reps can quickly view and update opportunity information inline such as deal value or stage
  • Managers can rapidly scan status and review key factors to decide which deals to review, pinpoint issues and plan coaching strategies

Make Deal Review Meetings Constructive Working Sessions

Eliminate Tiresome Q&A with Intuitive Opportunity Maps that Integrate Buyer Signals with Your Sales Process

  • Get all the context needed to focus discussion on deal strategy and tactics instead of playing 20 questions
  • Review buyer signals for each member of the buying group and coach your rep on the plays to find and engage missing contacts
  • Reinforce your sales process steps and gates with your reps and strategize how to meet buyer needs to help your reps sell more
Evaluate sales selling steps and gates during deal review meetings
Recommended sales plays help sales managers coach reps in deal reviews

Close More Deals with Consistent Coaching and Accountability

Easily Coach to the Sales Process and Maintain Accountability for Completing Action Items

  • Buyer activities visualized with sales activities provide fact-based context for evaluating deal status and valuable guidance to reps
  • Sales and buying stages unified with steps and gates to the sales process within the opportunity enable in-context coaching
  • Plays integrated directly in opportunities allow coaching on next steps and enable reps to follow through immediately