Smart Account-Based Marketing

Succeed with Account-Based Selling

Connect With Every Buyer in Your Buyers Journey
with AkoonuTM for Marketing

Execute Campaigns that Drive Account-based Selling

Effectively Target Buying Committees with AkoonuTM for Marketing

  • Automatically tag new leads and contacts at accounts by persona to support targeted campaigns
  • Develop and manage Targeted Messaging by persona based on buyer journey stages to increase conversion and engagement
  • Close the loop on buyer engagement from marketing generated leads in accounts with Sales Teams using Akoonu for Sales
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Understand Buyers in Accounts and How They Buy

Hone Campaign Strategies with Personas and Journey Maps

  • Leverage details in buyer personas by journey stage to inform campaign strategies on buyer needs, content preferences and channels
  • Apply AkoonuTM Insights Engine customized persona identification rules automatically to tag leads and contacts by buyer persona
  • Use persona tags to build targeted campaigns and content to individual leads and contacts based on their stage in your pipeline

Apply Buyer-Centric Content and Messaging to Campaigns

Leverage Targeted Messaging and Content in AkoonuTM for Marketing

  • Connect with targeted messaging crafted for each buyer persona by journey stage
  • Tailor nurture campaigns to follow the buyers journey with content mapped to buyer needs at each stage
  • Select campaign channel, content format and topic by journey stage with validated understanding of buyer preferences
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Partner with Sales to Drive Revenue from Account-Based Selling

Improve Collaboration with Sales to Drive More Engagement in Target Accounts

  • Evaluate buyer engagement patterns in winning deals by persona and journey stage to plan coordinated marketing and sales actions
  • Analyze by persona and journey stage which campaigns and content lead to higher conversions and more buyer engagement
  • Target unengaged Buying Committee members with the right content and messaging based on persona and journey stage