Align the Buyers Journey with Your
Sales Process

Buyer-Aware Account-Based Selling with AkoonuTM

Define, Develop and Execute
Buyer-Centric Marketing and Sales Strategies

Align Sales and Marketing for Successful Account-Based Selling

Synchronize Buyers Journeys and Your Sales Process with the AkoonuTM Platform

  • Optimize Sales and Marketing execution in accounts with Buyers Journeys mapped to sales processes and Buying Personas to contacts
  • Maximize ROI on ABM with marketing and sales tactics tuned to deliver targeted messages and content for each buyer persona and buying stage
  • Enable Sales Teams to sell more effectively with buyer persona insights and targeted sales messaging and content in Akoonu for Sales
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Buyers Journeys Defined with Embedded Best Practices

Guide Marketers to Exceptional Results with Akoonu for Marketing

  • Initiate a data-driven view of buyer personas with Akoonu’s Insights Engine for automated analyses of lead and contact data
  • Jumpstart B2B buyer research using configurable frameworks, question banks, online surveys and data synthesis tools
  • Leverage visual maps of buyer roles and stages by market segment to align Sales and Marketing views and develop strategies

Strategic Messaging and Content to Fuel Buyer-Centric Experiences

Develop Communications and Content Focused on Buyers’ Needs and Preferences Captured in Akoonu for Marketing

  • Manage and refine Message Maps and targeted messaging based on buyer needs and preferences captured in your Journey Maps
  • Inventory content assets across the organization by persona and journey stage using automated content inventory tools
  • Plan content strategically based on buyer needs and preferences by stage to make the most of investments in new or revised assets
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Maximize the Value of Your Strategic Marketing Assets

Increase the Reach and Efficiency of Marketing Teams with AkoonuTM for Marketing and Akoonu for Sales

  • Create a system of record for Buyer Personas, Journey Maps, Messaging, Content Inventory, Style Guides and more
  • Publish assets easily across marketing and sales teams, remote offices, contractors and more with the secure Akoonu Portal
  • Automatically operationalize recent buyer insights, messaging and content via synchronization with Akoonu for Sales