Achieve Alignment with
AkoonuTM for Sales and Marketing

Transform Investments in Account-Based Marketing into
Measurable Account-Based Selling Results

Establish a Partnership for Account-Based Selling

Bridge the Gaps with AkoonuTM for Marketing and Akoonu for Sales

  • Build the strategic underpinnings of effective Account-Based Marketing in Akoonu for Marketing
  • Integrate Buyer Journey insights and execution support for Sales through Akoonu for Sales in Salesforce©
  • Align and iterate to increase marketing effectiveness at each stage of the buyers journey with new visibility into buyer behavior throughout the sales process
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Account-Based Marketing Requires In-Depth B2B Buyer Understanding

Grow ABM Success with Validated Buyer Journey Maps

  • Analyze leads and contacts using out-of-the-box and custom analytics to establish baseline buyer personas by market segment
  • Enable marketers of any skill level to conduct in-depth buyer research with configurable B2B frameworks and embedded best practices
  • Accelerate research through integrated tools such as a B2B question bank, interviews, online surveys, structured data synthesis and more

A System of Record for Marketers Supporting ABM

Develop and Operationalize Targeted Messaging and Content Plans

  • Give Marketers messaging frameworks integrated with buyer journey insights to create and manage targeted messaging
  • Automate the inventory and maintenance of content coverage by buyer and stage to drive new content investments strategically
  • Support rapid, high quality content generation with buyer-centric content planning from ideation to completed brief
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Close the Loop in Salesforce® with the AkoonuTM Platform

Gain New Levels of Visibility Into Account-Based Buying Behavior

  • Automate the alignment of Buyer Journey stages to your internal Sales Process in Salesforce
  • Integrate targeted messaging and content by stage to guide buyer-aware selling to leads and contacts mapped to personas in accounts
  • Track buyer engagement, increase data integrity about lead disposition and improve pipeline analytics using buyer signals captured for leads and contacts across multiple systems