Account-Based Marketing Success Starts with the Buyers Journey

Power Account-based Marketing with validated Buyers Journeys
Akoonu Buyers Journey Maps and Personas streamline buyer research through a proven, data-driven process
  • Best-practice frameworks expertly guide your research of Buyers Journeys
  • Integrated interview, survey and data mapping features speed buyer research
  • Synchronization with Akoonu for Sales aligns your Buyers Journeys, needs and content to your Sales Process
Engage your buyers with targeted messages that reflect their needs
Akoonu Messaging promotes buyer-centric messaging across Marketing and Sales
  • Validated buyer needs inform development of targeted messages
  • Powerful collaboration features enable teams to efficiently evolve messaging
  • Centralized messaging repository assures organizational alignment

Guide your buyers journey with strategic content planning

Akoonu Content Planning creates Marketing efficiencies and enables Sales with a buyer-centric approach
Maintain content inventory by buyer persona and stage using automated tools
Identify content gaps for buyers and stages with content coverage maps
Pinpoint buyer needs for content to address using integrated frameworks
Steer buyer-centric marketing using data-driven analytics
Akoonu Insights Engine facilitates content personalization with automated persona identification
  • Analyses and reports validate you are marketing to your true buyers
  • Algorithms developed for marketing and sales data match leads and contacts to personas
  • Integration with Marketing Automation enables personalization and persona-based lead nurturing

Master the Strategic Marketing that Fuels Account-Based Selling