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Akoonu Extends Platform Capabilities for Fueling Effective Account-Based Marketing and Selling

Akoonu will demo its expanded integration and content planning features at the SiriusDecisions Summit, booth #646

Akoonu Releases Industry Benchmark Report That Assesses Content Marketing Maturity Across 43 B2B Industries

To develop this report, Akoonu developed software that analyzed the content marketing maturity of over 20,000 websites across 43 B2B industries

Akoonu Adds Content Planning to its Platform for Strategic Marketing

Integration of content planning with in-depth journey maps and personas ensures marketers create strategic, buyer-centric content plans that reach all audiences across all stages of the buyer’s journey

Akoonu Empowers New Pig to Enhance its Buyer-Centric Marketing Strategy

B2B manufacturing company leverages Akoonu’s marketing strategy platform to develop insightful personas 5x faster and boost its content marketing

Akoonu Research Reveals Buyer Personas and Buyer’s Journey Maps Provide Rich Audience Insights that Improve Quality Content Creation

82% of respondents who have built buyer personas and buyer’s journey maps said that their personas and journey maps give them in-depth insights to guide their creation of quality content

Akoonu Adds Brand Identity and Messaging to Content Marketing Platform

Marketers can leverage Akoonu to build, enhance, update, and operationalize their buyer personas, buyer’s journey maps, and brand identity, messaging, and positioning

Akoonu Debuts Industry’s First Content Marketing Platform for Developing and Integrating Buyer Personas and Buyer’s Journey Maps

Deep buyer insights give B2B marketers clear direction for strategizing and creating high quality content that motivates buyers and drives lead conversions