Buyer-Aware Opportunity

Integrated Buyer Signals to
Guide Account-Based Selling

Accelerate Your Revenue Journeys with
AkoonuTM for Sales on Salesforce®


Buyer-Aware Opportunities that Help Reps Sell

Reach New Levels of Sales Productivity with AkoonuTM for Sales on Salesforce®

  • Save reps time and increase data integrity in your deals with automated capture of buyers signals in Opportunities
  • Guide reps to follow your sales process and focus on meeting buyer needs with buyer-aware Opportunity Maps
  • Protect buyers from bad experiences when reps leave by onboarding new reps with full deal context and buyer activity history
Akoonu for Sales gives sales reps insights about buyers in visual opportunity maps for improved sales opportunity management
Manage sales opportunities by comparing buyer activity to winning deal patterns

Give your Reps a Map to Closed Won in Salesforce® with AkoonuTM Opportunity Maps

Instantly Compare Buyer Activity in a Deal to Behavior Patterns of Winning Deals

  • Harvest buyer signals such as emails, calendar and website interactions to capture contacts and activity
  • Map contacts to buyer personas automatically to avoid risks of single-contact syndrome and identify gaps in buying committee coverage
  • Track the activity of contacts over time and compare the patterns to past deals to assess level of account engagement and deal risk

Get Reps Following Your Sales Process and the Buyers Journey

Visually Reinforce and Remind Reps of the Steps to Successful Selling

  • Buyer activity aligned to selling and buying stages in Opportunity Maps keeps reps focused on your process and their buyers
  • Sales process steps and gates accessible in Opportunity Maps support onboarding new reps and guided selling for each stage
  • Buyers Journeys details provide reps instant insight into buying role, needs and plays to engage buyers at each stage
Opportunity management in Salesforce with sales steps and gates accessible in each deal
Better manage sales opportunities with a detailed activity history for each opportunity

Give Every Rep the Knowledge to Create a Great Buyer Experience

Arm Your Reps With Understanding of the Buyers Journey and Detailed Activity History

  • Deliver clear views of each buyer’s activity, from first marketing touch to most recent email
  • Integrate knowledge of the Buyers Journey at each stage, including needs by Buyer Persona
  • Assure continuity with prospects when reps turnover with buyer activity history, deal context, history and notes from deal reviews