Powerful Pipeline Reviews

Prepare for Success with
AkoonuTM for Sales


Pipeline Reviews Designed for Sales Teams using Salesforce®

Take the Frustration Out of Managing Pipeline Review Meetings with AkoonuTM for Sales

  • Easily give every sales team member the right level of visibility to encourage accountability and pipeline data integrity
  • Immediately increase productivity for everyone with intuitive pipeline views, roll-ups and status indicators on opportunities
  • Natively developed on Salesforce App Cloud for full data security, rapid deployment and seamless integration with business process
Increase productivity of pipeline reviews in Salesforce
Review your pipeline health in Akoonu for Sales on Salesforce

Evaluate Pipeline Health from Top to Bottom in One View

Spend Less Time on Preparation and Gain Greater Insight Before Pipeline Reviews

  • Use visual cues alongside numeric values to weigh pipeline risk across deal factors including number of deals, deal values, status and timing
  • Review key status indicators for individual deals to gain deal context and spot areas of concern
  • Assess pipeline health for your entire organization, specific teams or at an individual level with views by organizational role or deal owner

Track and Manage Deals to Sales Stages Using Enhanced Kanban View

Instantly Inspect the Strength of Your Pipeline by Sales Stage

  • Analyze the number and value of deals quickly by sales stage for any level of your organization, by role or individual deal owner
  • Filter pipeline views to easily narrow down pipelines by deal type or forecast category
  • Examine recency of buyer engagements through simple orange dot indicators or access key status factors for individual deals by hovering over the deal status indicator
Quickly analyze your pipeline by sales stage in Akoonu for Sales
Conduct pipeline reviews directly in Salesforce with Akoonu for Sales

Conduct Pipeline Review Meetings with Focus and Efficiency

Keep Participants on Topic and Meetings Productive with Structured Pipeline Reviews

  • Develop and save the pipeline list views you will use to run your meetings
  • Drive data integrity and improved compliance with inline editing that enables in-the-moment updates and accountabilty to process
  • Avoid unfocused deal discussions and painful Q&A sessions with instant access to key status factors and next steps for deals