Operationalize Account-Based Selling On The Akoonu Platform

  • Akoonu on Force.com
  • Data Science
  • Integration
  • Portal
Get The Best Of Both Worlds For Account-Based Selling On Salesforce®
With Akoonu built on Force.com, your Sales Team's productivity rises while your data stays secure
  • Akoonu for Sales is developed within Salesforce Appcloud Lightning
  • Security is assured since your data never leaves Salesforce
  • One-click install and easy configuration means implementation is complete in days, not weeks
Make Better Decisions About Deals, Resources And Forecasts with Data Science
Akoonu Platform Data Science uncovers buyer signals in sales and marketing data
  • Automated analyses and extraction of buyers journeys and personas
  • Tuned with configurable signal rules as your business and your data expands
  • Win Maps updated with new win/loss data on demand

Integrate and Align Account-Based Selling Across Sales And Marketing

Synchronize Akoonu for Sales with Akoonu for Marketing to operationalize buyer research and insights for more effective sales execution
Deep understanding of your Buyers and their Buyers Journey
Targeted messaging to guide communications at every stage
Content planning that meets buyer needs throughout their journey
Update And Collaborate With Everyone In Your Extended Account-Based Selling Team
The Akoonu Portal makes it easy for Marketing to keep distributed teams, agencies and contractors aligned
  • Publish finished Journey Maps and Personas to share knowledge of buyers
  • Conveniently maintain updated messaging, boilerplate and style guide
  • Access content by journey or persona, share content ideas or vote on priorities

The Only Buyer-Aware Platform for Account Based Selling