Buyer Engagement Begins with
Buyer Understanding

Systematize Your Buyer Research

Define, Develop and Deploy Buyer-Centric Strategies with
AkoonuTM for Marketing

Data-Driven Buyer Insight from Automated Leads and Contacts Analysis

Evaluate Buyers Throughout Marketing and Sales Pipeline Stages

  • Analyze buyer personas using data science that accommodates poor quality and/or incomplete data sources
  • Determine concentrations of buyers by seniority and title and analyze changes in buyer participation between pipeline stages
  • Automate for continuous integration with Marketing Automation and CRM systems or import through CSV files
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Best Practices Guide Organization and Launch of Buyer Research

Quickly Structure Persona and Journey Research with Pre-Populataed, Configurable Frameworks

  • Minimize set-up costs and time required by modifying pre-built frameworks that define your buyer personas and their buying process
  • Benefit from years of B2B expertise as you select among sections, attributes and values in an easy-to-use form-based interface
  • Tailor frameworks to your specific business needs by modifying existing sections, attributes and values or adding new ones, as needed

Integrated Interviews and Online Surveys Accelerate Research

Purpose-Built for Rapid Primary Research and Data Synthesis

  • Develop questionnaires and surveys efficiently using a pre-configured B2B question bank or create your own
  • Capture open-ended or structured data from internal stakeholders or customers with integrated interviews or online surveys
  • Develop validated, data-driven personas through an innovative system that enables rapid review and synthesis of source data
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Akoonu Portal and Integrations Operationalize Strategic Marketing

Raise Sales and Marketing Effectiveness with shared Insights from Buyer Personas and Journey Maps

  • Improve buyer experience by matching new leads and contacts in Marketing Automation or CRM systems to their buyer persona
  • Develop more buyer-centric marketing by sharing buyer journey maps and personas with your organization on the Akoonu Portal
  • Integrate validated buyer persona and journey details into the daily work of your sales team with Akoonu for Sales on Salesforce©