Guide the Sales Process in Every
Opportunity with AkoonuTM

Integrate Enablement with
Account-Based Selling on Salesforce®


Sales Enablement Delivered Directly in Opportunities

Guide Selling from Inside-Out with Buyer-Aware Opportunity Maps

  • Clearly communicate your Sales Process and reinforce the critical steps and gates that lead to winning deals
  • Visually align, define and integrate Buyers Journey and Personas with your Sales Process in Opportunity Maps
  • Operationalize guided selling with integrated plays by buying role and journey stage
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Embedded Best Practices Yields High Impact for Sales Enablement

Influence Each Stage of the Sales Cycle with Integrated, in-Context Enablement Content for Reps

  • Increase value of Sales Enablement materials with access to content in opportunities
  • Share knowledge of buyer needs for each buying stage and market segment to support Sales across vertical markets and use cases
  • Operationalize content plays and targeted messages per persona and buying stage in the daily workflow of sales reps

Identify and Evolve Best Practices Systematically Using Data

Track the Activities and Plays that Lead to Revenue Growth

  • Reveal buyer behavior patterns in your successful deals with Akoonu Win Maps
  • Review buyer engagement patterns in new sales wins to pinpoint effective tactics
  • Leverage sales data to train reps on the sales plays that create buyer engagement
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Align Sales and Marketing for Account-based Selling

Make Buyers Journeys and Buyer Personas Actionable for Sales

  • Automate persona identification to validate key buyer personas
  • Map Selling Stages to Buyer Journey Stages and align your Sales Process to Buyer Needs and Activities
  • Identify which marketing campaigns and assets are (or are not) working to create buyer interest and engagement for Sales by persona and journey stage