Pipeline Visibility
for Predictability

Gain Confidence in Your Pipeline
with AkoonuTM for Sales


Pipeline Reviews that Yield Revenue Predictability

Effortless Pipeline Management in Real-Time on Salesforce®

  • View pipeline data roll-ups and drill-downs by org, rep, deal type, forecast category and more
  • Evaluate Pipeline Health in a glance for any period and organizational level
  • Identify at-risk deals with automated analysis of data of buyer signals and your sales process
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Deal Transparency Drives Unsurpassed Pipeline Accuracy

Conduct Faster, More Effective Pipeline Review Meetings

  • Evaluate pipeline health in just one screen by period for individual, team and total pipeline
  • Get immediate access to critical deal factors from within the pipeline view
  • Drive pipeline integrity in the moment using inline edits of key opportunity data in real-time

Grow Sales Productivity with Fact-based Deal Evaluations

Focus Your Sales Reps on the Deals Most Likely to Win

  • Get reps meeting quota with guided selling to your Sales Process
  • Understand the buyer engagement patterns that signal winning deals
  • Reinforce the sales plays and marketing campaigns that create buyer engagement
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Get More from Account-Based Selling on Salesforce

Save Reps Time and Increase Rep Adoption of Salesforce

  • Free reps from mundane data entry through automated capture of account-based activities in email and calendar
  • Onboard reps faster and increase productivity with increased visibility to buyer actions and guided next steps
  • Give reps tools to identify, track, manage and engage contacts in buying committees