Data-Driven Deal Reviews

Make Your Deal Reviews Productive and
Efficient for Reps and Managers


Deal Transparency That Drives Fact-based Conversations

Visual Opportunity Maps Confirm Buyer Progress and Guide Next Steps

  • Buyer-Aware Opportunity Maps create deal context and focus on buyers
  • Automated analysis of buyer signals, sales and opportunity data surface key risk factors for discussion and action planning
  • Inline access to plays streamlines coaching and next step execution
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Streamline Your Process for Deal Reviews with AkoonuTM

Spend More Time on Strategy and Coaching to Increase Win Rates

  • Flag, track, manage and communicate the deals you or your rep plan to review using Deal Review queues
  • Reduce the time and effort to prep for meetings and identify discussion points with automated deal status
  • Cover more deals and coach more effectively with notes, tasks, plays and more integrated in Opportunity Maps

Buyer Data That Builds Confidence in Your Number

Aim Your Time and Resources on the Deals You Can Win

  • Automated analyses of data from past wins generates Win Maps by deal type
  • Continuous analyses of buyer and opportunity data identifies deal risks
  • Real-time visibility into data plus fast, accessible inline editing promotes sales hygiene and yields data you can trust
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Scale Account-Based Selling on Salesforce®

Operationalize Sales Process to Speed Onboarding, Foster Compliance and Improve Sales Execution

  • Make the critical steps and gates in your Sales Process visible for every sales rep in every deal
  • Simplify finding and engaging every member of the buying committee with automated contact to buyer persona matching and tracking
  • Deliver best practice plays and guided selling support to reps within Opportunities to save reps time and improve buyer experience