Scale Account-based selling
with AkoonuTM for Sales

Increase Data Integrity, Rep Adoption and
Sales Process Compliance on Salesforce®


Data you can trust with Akoonu in Salesforce

Automation, UI Design and Data Science Combine to Promote Reps’ CRM Adoption and Compliance

  • Save reps time with automated capture of opportunity leads, contacts and activity data from email and calendar
  • Support reps in their selling process using visual Opportunity Maps that track buying group activity across complex sales
  • Help reps identify deal risks with continuous analysis of key deal factors and automated status indicators
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Deal Transparency for Data-Driven Sales Ops Decisions

Buyer Signals Verify Buyer Engagement and Progress in the Sales Process

  • Identify and prioritize for “winnable” deals by comparing current buyer behavior patterns to patterns of historical wins
  • Manage scarce supporting resources and monitor deal progress through contract and close using buyer signals in addition to rep reporting
  • Increase ROI of Account-Based Marketing in your targeted accounts with visual Buying Groups that show buyer engagement across contacts

Easy and Intuitive Pipeline Views for Execs, Managers and Reps

Powerful Pipeline Reports Reduce Burden on Sales Ops

  • Give reps and managers quick, easy access to saved views of the deal data they need to manage the pipeline they own or oversee
  • Minimize custom reporting needs with format choices, such as list or Kanban views, and on-the-fly ability to sort, filter and group
  • Evaluate pipeline risk across time, dollar value and deal status via Akoonu’s unique Pipeline Health report
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Make Sales Pipeline and Deal Review Meetings More Productive

Streamline and Improve Meetings for Sales Ops, Managers and Reps

  • Clear, fact-based automated deal summaries support fast and thorough preparation for Pipeline and Deal Reviews
  • Structured Deal Review workflow queues encourage focused reviews and communication between reps and managers
  • Fast inline editing of opportunity data supports directly managing pipeline data integrity when needed during Sales Meetings