AkoonuTM for Sales
Accelerates Account-Based

Built in App Cloud Lightning on
the Salesforce PlatformTM

Powered by Innovative Technologies for
Data Integration, Data Science and Data


Designed to Liberate Sales Ops and Empower Sales

Akoonu for Sales and the Akoonu Platform Revolutionize Complex, Account-Based Selling

  • Built 100% on Salesforce® App Cloud Lightning to ensure security and smoothly extend existing Salesforce configurations
  • Data harvesting and integration technology increase data integrity and reduce time spent on data entry for reps
  • Data Science extracts buyer personas, behavior patterns and buyer journeys to help reps understand their buyers and how they buy
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Peace of Mind with a Safe, Secure, Reliable and Integrated Solution

Akoonu is a Salesforce AppExchange Partner

  • Increase rep adoption to drive greater sales effectiveness and efficiency without the risk of non-native solutions
  • Augment opportunities with buyer signals while maintaining full control of data and security within the Salesforce platform
  • Extend existing reporting and dashboards in Salesforce easily to include data and analytics produced within Akoonu for Sales

Integrate Buyer-Awareness Securely with Akoonu for Sales

Automatically Capture and Present Buyer Activity by Buyer Persona and Journey Stage

  • Harvest buyer data from the most popular email, calendar and marketing automation systems with standard Akoonu integrations
  • Make finding new contacts in buying groups at accounts efficient and seamless for reps with integrations to popular data sources
  • Sync buyer personas and journeys, targeted messaging and content from Akoonu for Marketing to increase buyer understanding
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Apply Data Science for Advanced Buyer Understanding

Increase Sales Effectiveness with Insights and Guidance Derived From Your Data

  • Algorithms analyze opportunity, lead and contact data from past wins and losses to reveal buying patterns
  • Buyer personas identified automatically within market segments match against leads and contacts to support guided selling
  • WinMaps capture historical activity patterns of buyers across journey stages for comparison to current deals, helping reps focus on likely wins