We like hard problems. Like, building a system that helps sales people sell.

We are entrepreneurs with roots in sales, marketing, product and technology. We relentlessly focus on building products that help B2B companies build effective, aligned teams that sell to smarter, more demanding buyers. Our founders saw the digital marketing transformation change how B2B buyers buy from start-ups in web content management, ecommerce and data management. Now, we are helping B2B companies retool how their sales teams qualify and pursue complex sales in an account-based context. Building on the most ubiquitous sales platform,, we’ve created buyer-aware products that harvest and use the digital signals generated through interactions with people and websites to create a picture of the Buyers Journey for the seller, so they can sell smarter and get better results.

Jeff Freund

Founder, CEO

Darlene Mann

Co-Founder, COO and President

Sean Noonan


Ravi Jagannathan

Head of Products

Deepesh Chourey

Co-Founder, Engineering

Kathleen Atkins

Head of Marketing


Anneke Seley


Robert Rose

Content Marketing Strategist, Author & Speaker

Gregg Loos

CRO at First San Francisco Partners

Jeff Serlin

Sales & Revenue Operations leader

Jairaj Sounderrajan

Head of Global Sales Operations at Twilio Inc.

Sabrina Horn

Managing Partner, US Technology Practice at Finn Partners

Amy Guarino

Chief Operating Officer — Kyndi (previously VP Customer Sales/Business Development @ Marketo)

Christine Crandell

Technology Evangelist, Customer Alignment Consultant, Speaker, Author of Sellers’ Compass & Blogger

Skip Miller

Sales Training Expert | Best-Selling Author | Keynote Sales Presenter

Andy Paul

Top-rated Podcaster | Best-Selling Author | Speaker | Coach | Advisor to CEOs and Entrepreneurs


Shasta Ventures


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