Akoonu in less than 2 minutes

Opportunity Management

Enable sales to on-board faster with the guidance they need without leaving Salesforce®

Buying Group Management

Knowing your buyers is the key to managing and winning B2B deals


Speed up and simplify forecasting with fact-based snapshots and rollups natively in Salesforce®

Sales Operations


Increase data Integrity, speed rep adoption and sales process compliance right in Salesforce®

Sales Leaders

Real-time, instant deal context that drives pipeline predictability.

Sales Reps


Give sales reps more time for selling with automated data capture, buying group management and analysis that helps reps know which buyers to reach and when

Deal Reviews

See how Akoonu helps sales managers and reps have more efficient and effective deal reviews.

Akoonu Platform

Accelerate Account-Based Selling with the first buyer-aware platform on Salesforce

Akoonu Overview

The first buyer-aware platform for account-based selling on Salesforce.