Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting

Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting

Akoonu Forecasting Now Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

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Akoonu Forecasting Now Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

Enables B2B Sales Teams to Forecast with Ease and Confidence, Natively in Salesforce

SAN FRANCISCO – July 21, 2022 – Akoonu, provider of the award-winning Akoonu Pipeline Reviews app, today announced the availability of Akoonu Forecasting on the Salesforce AppExchange. This new product is designed for business-to-business sales teams using Salesforce Sales Cloud. Providing the ability for each rep to easily forecast their deals, and/or the management and automation of regional and company level roll-ups, Akoonu Forecasting supports your team’s approach to forecasting.

“Recognizing that forecasting is a multi-level challenge, Akoonu Forecasting is built from the ground up with a focus on usability for the entire sales team,” said Jeff Freund, CEO of Akoonu. “We are excited to deliver a product that delights reps, managers and executives alike, providing them each with the features and insights that they need to efficiently do their part in delivering accurate forecasts.”

Akoonu is 100% native in Salesforce Sales Cloud, meaning no data ever leaves the platform and users stay focused in one place, working with real-time data that is safe and secure. Key features of Akoonu Forecasting include:

  • Workflow to Support the Weekly Forecasting Cadence
  • Forecast Histories, with Comparisons and Drill-downs
  • Quotas and Rollup Sales Goals, with Progress Tracking
  • Submitted Forecasts, with Deal, Rep, and Team-based Adjustments

“Akoonu has done it again! First, they gave us the simplest way for me and my team to manage and review our pipeline, and now they’ve delivered a forecasting product that is easy to use for sales reps and leaders alike,” according to Corey Richardson, SVP of Sales at Teamworks. “By leveraging the data from Akoonu Forecasting, we can learn from previous forecasts (what we got right and wrong), and as a result have higher confidence in future accuracy.”

Akoonu Forecasting can be used independently or in tandem with Akoonu Pipeline Reviews, a full-featured pipeline management app, also native in Salesforce.

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Media inquiries:  press@akoonu.com

Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting in Salesforce

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