Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting

Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting

Akoonu and Squivr Partner to Optimize B2B Revenue Generation

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Akoonu and Squivr Partner to Optimize B2B Revenue Generation

Native Salesforce Apps Partner to Maximize B2B Sales Success

SAN FRANCISCO – July 21, 2022 – Today, Akoonu and Squivr have announced a partnership and product integration to optimize the revenue generation processes for B2B sales teams using Salesforce.

Understanding and managing enterprise sales opportunities is a huge challenge.  Sales processes are complex, data is fragmented and spread throughout Salesforce.  It is inefficient and time consuming to figure out the status of accounts and deals, let alone figure out what to do next.

Through their partnership, Akoonu and Squivr bring together their best-in-class Salesforce AppExchange apps to provide a complete solution for managing enterprise sales. 

  • Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting allows all levels of sales to easily inspect and manage the pipeline, and to painlessly provide accurate sales forecasts.  
  • Squivr Arc Sight and Playbooks gives customers the ability to seamlessly represent their org charts, relationship maps, sales methodology, plan of success, account plans, and best next actions.  

“Leveraging Squivr with Akoonu provides an additional layer of insight to more effectively and efficiently inspect the deals in the pipeline, and to ultimately submit more accurate forecasts,” said Jeff Freund, CEO of Akoonu.  “Additionally, it gives reps and managers clear direction on the next actions to take to keep their deals moving forward.”

“Success today relies on standardizing best practices and optimizing success throughout the customer’s lifecycle. Our mission is to maximize every relationship and account engagement,” said JP Leggett, CEO of Squivr.  “By aligning the plan of success, next best actions, and capturing relationship data we unleash insights to enhance forecast accuracy and drive desired results.  Enable your business to thrive in any market condition or economic climate with Squivr and Akoonu.”

Both Akoonu and Squivr are rated 5-star on the Salesforce AppExchange.  Please visit https://www.akoonu.com and https://www.squivr.com for more information about Akoonu and Squivr.

Media inquiries:  press@akoonu.com

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