Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting

Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting



All Salesforce Editions

Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited

No Prerequisites

No historical snapshots or other customizations required

Scalable with no Limitations

Works for orgs with thousands of users, and tens of thousands open opportunities

Configurable and Customizable

Works out of the box, and has configuration and customization options to satisfy the needs of sophisticated and complex environments

Subscription Plans

Simple Org Subscriptions based on number of Opportunity Owners. Volume discounts available.

Akoonu Pipeline Reviews


per opportunity owner

Akoonu Forecasting


per opportunity owner

Akoonu Pipeline Reviews + Forecasting


per opportunity owner
* Volume and Not-for-Profit discounts available. Please contact us to discuss.

All subscriptions include

Admin Training

A complimentary one hour session is all it takes to train your Salesforce Admins and Sales Ops team.

Setup Support

Start with the out of the box configuration, and we'll help you get setup to meet the needs of your business.

Rollout Assistance

Need some guidance or content to help rollout Akoonu to the team? Just let us know!

Technical Support

Have a question or run into an issue? We are here to help.

Product Updates

Multiple releases per year add capabilities, enhance features, and fix bugs.

Additional Services

We can provide services for training, custom widget development, advanced configurations, etc.

Who uses Akoonu?

Sales Managers

Revenue Operations

Sales Reps

Sales Excellence

Sales Leaders


Other Executives


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