Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting

Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting

Test Drive Guide

Self-guided Exploration of Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting

What is the Test Drive?

The Test Drive is available on the Salesforce AppExchange and allows you to check out Akoonu’s products without installing a trial or scheduling a live demo.  It takes place in a read-only Salesforce org that is configured with Akoonu’s apps  and contains sample data.

Ready to go?  Following the instructions below to get started.  Feel free to explore on your own, or to follow along with our guide in order to get the most out of your Test Drive experience.

Accessing the Test Drive

Step 1
Step 2

Click the “Test Drive” button

Step 3

Select to login via your Salesforce Trailblazer login, or as a guest (recommended if you don’t have a Salesforce Trailblazer account).

You're in!

Continue to get started…

Getting Started

Landing Page

You will start on the Home tab in Salesforce.

Overview Videos

A collection of short videos will help you get oriented on Akoonu, and highlight several key use cases.

Pipeline Review and Forecasting tabs

Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting are each their own tab.  Begin your exploration by visiting each tab.


Explore on your own, or continue below for guidance on steps to take on your Test Drive.

Digging Deeper - Pipeline Reviews

Akoonu Pipeline Reviews is a set of views and visualizations that enables you to understand what has changed, to inspect and analyze the pipeline in your way, and to have everything in one place to assess and manage deals.

Understand Change

The Flow View is all about understanding change over time without the hundreds of clicks it usually takes. 

Things to do:

  1. Change the “pipeline period”
  2. Change the “change period”
  3. Drill down into the boxes to see all the underlying details
  4. Check out the “Forecast Flow”, “Committed Deal Flow” and “Stage Flow” options
Analyze and Inspect the Pipeline

The List View lets you slice and dice the pipeline, and has everything in one place to update and manage deals.

Things to do:

  1. Drill down through the team (either by Role or by Manager)
  2. Change the Grouping.  Go to “more groupings” to create nested groups
  3. Apply filters to the view
  4. View the deal “popover”
  5. The last column is customizable to support your sales process/methodology
Other Views

Three other views each provide an additional perspective on the pipeline:

  1. The Kanban View is perfect for reps and managers to visually see where deals are in the sales process
  2. The Health View exposes areas of pipeline risk
  3. The Forecast View provides a real time look at attainment, coverage, and summary of your forecasting metrics

With clear visibility and solid management of the pipeline, you are ready for Forecasting.


Digging Deeper - Forecasting

Akoonu Forecasting is a complete enterprise forecasting solution, native in Salesforce.  

Forecasting Dashboard

On your forecasting Home dashboard, you see how the pipeline and submitted forecasts have evolved during the quarter (or month) on your weekly cadence. 

Drill down, View Details, Compare

Click on “Forecasts” in the left nav, to see all the details together:

  1. Drill down through your team
  2. See progress against goals
  3. Current pipeline data
  4. Submitted forecasts
  5. Compare to previous weeks

See the numbers, and dig into all the details.

Forecast Submission

Submitting your weekly forecast is quick and easy.  To see this in action, go to Forecasting Home, and click the submit button.

Users will see their deals and/or subordinates.  They can make adjustments, and submit their forecast as part of the weekly rollup cadence.

Widgets: Progress and Deal Adjustments

Open this Opportunity to see two of Akoonu’s embedded widgets.

At the top of the page is the “Progress Widget” which can be placed anywhere in Salesforce.

In the Opportunity layout is the adjustment widget, which provides in-context ability to adjust the forecast amounts for deals.


Now that you have spent some time on the Akoonu Test Drive, you should have a sense of the core capabilities and features. 

There are multiple ways to continue your evaluation.


After your Test Drive

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