Account Based Marketing and Selling

ABM pays off when it moves the dial in Sales

Make sure your ABM investments succeed. Execute strategic marketing programs that attract and engage all buyers in an account at each stage of their buyers’ journey.

Use the Akoonu platform to develop detailed journey maps, insightful buyer personas, and strategic content plans, so you can:

  • Identify each buyers’ needs and barriers at each journey stage
  • Learn which information sources are preferred and trusted
  • Develop targeted messages by persona and stage
  • Create and use content and sales tools that satisfy the needs of all personas across all stages
  • Execute campaigns that attract your account targets
  • Drive nurture campaigns through the middle and bottom of the funnel

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"Before Akoonu, we successfully generated awareness but were not satisfied with the performance of our campaigns to engage and nurture our leads. As a result of using Akoonu, we have a more comprehensive understanding of our audiences, so we can now target more effectively and nurture qualified leads."


Joe Sticca

Chief Innovation Officer