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Buyer-Centric Selling

Being buyer-centric isn’t always natural to Sales. After all, Sales is working towards its own goals with defined processes and systems.  So how can Sales find balance between their own needs and their buyers? Let's take a look. A common buyer-centric selling...

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Sales Opportunity Management Defined

In recent years, the SalesTech Landscape has exploded. Many of these new products aim to add value to sales reps. In particular, there are a variety of SalesTech products, from sales engagement platforms to forecasting tools, that try to help the rep by pulling data...

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Revenue is Your Job

And it’s mine too. Revenue is becoming everyone’s responsibility, and it’s time to think holistically about the revenue cycle. Revenue Operations is Changing Sales, Marketing and Success Teams As You Know Them. What is Revenue Ops? It’s marketing operations, sales...

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The Secret to Successful ABM

Putting Account-Based Marketing strategy into action requires forward-thinking, technically minded sales & marketing operations all-stars. These sales and marketing ops roles have become the right-hand person of sales and marketing leaders. And that’s why Operations...

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Are Your Reps Armed to be Superagents?

Really good enterprise sales people are a lot like 007 “superagents.” They are resourceful, fast-acting and masterful users of the best tools of their trade. They know how to scan and assess a situation for opportunities and dangers, and perfectly time when and how...

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