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3 Ways Forecasting in Spreadsheets Hurts Your Business

If you were to survey sales professionals—from reps to managers to operations folks—you’d find that a majority admit to using spreadsheets for forecasting and analysis. This is true even when they have access to other tools and are required to … Read More

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Research buyers before prospecting

No Research? No Prospects

They say first impressions are everything. Yet spray and pray, numbers games and overly templatized outreach is rampant in account-based selling. … Read More

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How much of what we hear do we retain

What did you say? 5 Steps to Better Listening

How can we listen better? Listening is arguably one of the most important skills in life. And for sales reps, the ante is even higher. Understanding what prospective buyers are saying—and what they aren’t saying—makes or breaks a sales reps ability to solve problems. … Read More

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Survey says the top thing sales reps can do to be more effective is understand their buyers

Does Sales Care About Buyer Personas?

Sales teams have long been taught to focus on finding their champions, influencers and decisions makers. That’s why they read Challenger and other methodologies to help them learn to identify and engage the right people, in the best way and … Read MoreRead More

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Working with Revenue Ops to Improve Forecasts

Can Revenue Ops Fix Forecasting?

Forecasts are notorious for guesswork and being difficult to predict accurately.  … Read More

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Deal Review Tips from Top Sales Managers

6 Practical Ways to Make Deal Reviews Constructive

Why do some sales reps love fast cars? So they can speed quickly away from frustrating meetings with their manager.   … Read More

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Revenue Journey

Buyer-Centric Selling

Being buyer-centric isn’t always natural to Sales. After all, Sales is working towards its own goals with defined processes and systems.  So how can Sales find balance between their own needs and their buyers? Let’s take a look. … Read More

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Sales Opportunity Management Defined

In recent years, the SalesTech Landscape has exploded. Many of these new products aim to add value to sales reps. … Read More

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The Rise of Revenue Operations

Revenue is Your Job

And it’s mine too. Revenue is becoming everyone’s responsibility, and it’s time to think holistically about the revenue cycle. Revenue Operations is Changing Sales, Marketing and Success Teams As You Know Them. … Read More

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The Secret to Successful ABM

Putting Account-Based Marketing strategy into action requires forward-thinking, technically minded sales & marketing operations all-stars. These sales and marketing ops roles have become the right-hand person of sales and marketing leaders. … Read More

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