Save time, reduce aggravation and focus on selling
Akoonu Pipeline and Deal Reviews Take Sales Pipeline and Deal Review Processes From Frustrating to Fantastic
  • Minimize prep time through consolidated deal context, workflows and data integrations
  • Stop playing 20 questions in meetings using our intuitive, buyer-aware opportunity maps
  • Shape deal strategies and action plans with integrated access to sales process and plays
Give your reps a map to Closed Won in Salesforce®
Akoonu Opportunity Maps Integrate Buyer Signals so You Know What you Need to Know to Keep Your Deals on Track
  • See buyer, sales and marketing activity clearly through intuitive visualizations
  • Identify deal issues and gaps in sales processes with automated data analyses
  • Guide selling actions with integrated recommendations for next steps

Don't let your deal be delayed or defeated by unknown buyers

Akoonu Buying Groups Map Buying Group Coverage So Your Reps Can Monitor Every Buyer it Takes to Close the Deal
Know buyer coverage with automated people to persona matching
Fill in missing buyers using integrations to third party data sources
Track buyer, sales and marketing engagement for every buyer in a deal
Aim resources at the right accounts to close more deals
Akoonu Win Maps Help You Decide Early in the Quarter Which Deals are Most Promising
  • See the pattern of winning deals in Win Maps produced using data science
  • Identify deals that are on or off track with powerful Win Map comparisons
  • Drive sales actions based on the buyers journey revealed through analytics

Akoonu Drives Account-Based Selling on Salesforce