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[Graphic] Example In-Depth Buyer Persona: More Than Name, Rank and Serial Number

I had always thought I had a strong understanding of my buyers. That was until I started interviewing customers to build in-depth buyer personas.  As my team worked to advance our go-to-market strategy and enhance our effectiveness in marketing and selling complex enterprise software, we decided to tackle creating truly rich personas for the first time.

A light bulb went off. I didn’t realize just how many buyer insights we had been missing all along! These insights had a direct impact on the quality and performance of my team’s content moving forward.  The complexity of today’s B2B buying cycle and the demands buyers have for quality content mean that marketers must have a genuinely deep understanding of their buyers.  That’s why buyer personas are not just a nice-to-have but an absolute must-have.

Do you know your buyers pretty well?  Or do you know them really well?  Significantly boost buyer knowledge across your organization by building in-depth personas.  You can begin with creating just one, and you’ll see the results in the efficiency of your content creation and the effectiveness of your content marketing. To help you get started, we’ve developed a real-world example buyer persona that gives you a clear picture of the type of information your persona should have – information you can gather through customer interviews, sales collaboration, market research and data analysis.

See our example buyer persona below and use it as a guide for your own persona development. You can also download as a PDF.

Example Buyer Persona

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