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Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting

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Akoonu Adds Brand Identity and Messaging to Content Marketing Platform

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve expanded our content marketing platform!  In addition to leveraging Akoonu to create and continually update in-depth buyer personas and buyer’s journey maps that yield rich audience insights, marketers can now also clearly capture, enhance, and apply their brand identity and messaging. Armed with this essential foundation, marketers can more effectively plan, create, and use high quality content that embodies their brand and drives conversions.

The Akoonu Brand module provides features, configurable frameworks, workflows, and examples to create brand identity, messaging, and positioning for the first time, or to enhance, update, and operationalize what marketers already have.  It integrates with the Akoonu Audience module for building and maintaining buyer personas and buyer’s journey maps, enabling quick access to audience insights critical for capturing and refining both top-level and targeted messaging.  The Akoonu Brand module includes:

  • Brand Identity: Express essential internal and external brand elements like Mission, Vision, Values, Culture, Promise, Story, Personality, and more.
  • Style Guide: Document your brand’s style guidelines in an online guide that includes elements such as Logo, Colors, Typography, Language, Illustration, and more.
  • Market Positioning: Define your brand’s Market Conditions, such as new concept, new paradigm, or established category, and your brand’s Positioning Statement.
  • Brand Message Map: Capture your brand’s Core Value Proposition, Top-Level Messages, and Tagline.
  • Benefits Statements: Develop Benefits Statements that align the primary needs of each of your Personas to each of your product’s top features and capabilities.
  • Targeted Messages: Create Targeted Messages for each Persona at each Journey Stage for each of your products.

Akoonu’s systems integrations and collaboration features activate these brand standards, in addition to personas and journey maps, across the organization.  Everyone throughout Marketing, Sales, Product, and Services can access, leverage and share them in real-time, enhancing their quality, accuracy, and consistent usage across the organization, agencies, and freelancers.  


Says Jeff Freund, CEO and Founder of Akoonu, “To really rise above the noise, you need to focus on creating better content, not more of it. Better content is relevant and insightful to your audience, and it brings your brand to life in a way that deeply connects with your buyers.  Akoonu helps you truly understand your audience and clearly express your brand so you can consistently create better content that motivates your buyers into action.”Akoonu_operationalize