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Akoonu Pipeline Reviews and Forecasting

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[Graphic] Example of a Detailed Content Brief

In our post, The 11 Key Components of a First-Class Content Brief, we define the key components your content brief should have in order to guide the strategic planning, production, and use of content assets. But what does a detailed, buyer-centric content brief actually look like?

See a snapshot of our example content brief below, and instantly view the PDF here (no form required) to see the entire example.  You’ll see just how much information your content brief should include in order to give content producers – and those who ultimately leverage the completed asset such as Demand Gen, Digital Marketing, and Sales – the contextual information they need to create and use content targeted to persona and journey stage.

Afterwards, check out our buyer persona and journey map examples to see how the insights from these elements inform the details within the content brief.

Learn more here about how you can use Akoonu’s Content Planning module to plan content by persona and journey stage, and use it conjunction with our freemium Audience module for developing insightful personas and journey maps.