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[Quiz] Are You Ready for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

ABM is undoubtedly a hot topic right now, and it’s here to stay. As marketers and sales leaders, we all can agree that understanding how our buyers collaborate within an account is key to creating meaningful strategies. With the influx of technology and tools available, are you ready to get started? Take this 2 minute quiz to find out.

[Update] The Quiz is closed, but here’s 8 key factors to determine your ABM readiness:

  1. We’ve mapped out the buying committee and the typical buying stages for a solution like ours
  2. We know the roles each buyer persona plays in evaluating our product/solution
  3. We understand our customers’ primary business challenges
  4. We know how each persona is evaluated by their manager
  5. We’ve identified the core buying criteria
  6. We thoroughly understand our buyers’ information needs
  7. We know exactly what content formats our buyers prefer at each stage in their buying process
  8. We understand the role each persona plays in each buying stage