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Trending Topics in B2B Marketing

trending social b2b marketing topics.jpgOver the past month, we noticed a number of the trending topics on Twitter for #B2Bmarketing collectively painted the story of marketers hard at work to understand and better create and deliver content to their buying audiences. Below, we share top posts on these 5 topics to help you plan how to attack the New Year.

First, your audience.

What is the right size? This post on Passle, How big should your audience be?, brings together sources that discuss how to think about the right size for your audience, especially for B2B Marketing.

Next, what B2B channels are best?

While email marketing remains the mainstay of most B2B marketers, the advertising channels for targeted B2B marketing are becoming more powerful all the time. This post covering Social Media Channels for B2B Marketing on Rival IQ has a nice round up of the top contenders for you to consider and Passle ponders the value equation between Snapchat or Instagram for B2B.

Third, in pursuit of personalization.

Every pundit tells companies to personalize marketing and focus on the needs of buyer personas, so why isn’t more of this being done? Akoonu can help you identify and build deep understanding of your buyer personas to fuel great content, but understanding the technical challenges of delivery is key. This post by Visual IQ about the Challenges of Personalized Marketing gives perspective on the state of the art and the technology to support personalization.

Then, advice on creating content that is buyer-centric.

Content that is customer-centric or, more specifically, buyer-centric should be the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. Snapapp reviews a simple process in this post on 3 Ways to Create Customer-Driven Content.

Last, what is the best approach to technical content in B2B marketing?

Here are two good reads. The first, Which Kinds of Content Do B2B Tech Buyers Respond to Most? by Kissmetrics, gives you perspective on the types of content B2B buyers are looking for. The second, Is Your B2B Content Too Technical? from Passle, gives you perspective on how to make your content more accessible.