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[QUIZ] How Buyer-Centric Is Your Content?

We hear it all the time. Be buyer-centric. Talk to customers. Create “high quality” content. And at the same time, we’re tasked to meet content quotas, track results and make sure content leads to sales. Can the same piece of content be buyer-centric, trackable AND speak enough about the product to realistically attribute to revenue?  The answer: sometimes. And the rest of the time you need to implement the right best practices to make sure the content interests, guides and, ideally, empowers the buyer to be better informed to make the decisions that are important to them.

Take this 7-question quiz to see how buyer-centric your content is:

[Update] This quiz is now closed, but here’s the 7 criteria for determining how buyer-centric your content is:

  1. This content definitely and directly addresses an active concern of the intended reader
  2. The content reached the reader through the channel they prefer
  3. This content makes the reader this “Woah, they get this”
  4. Yes, it’s the format they want
  5. Your delivery timing makes the buyer think “This is exactly what I’m working on”
  6. You are talking about them and their needs
  7. This is new, and informative or entertaining content for this person

How’d you do?  Here are tips for improving:

  • Talk to your customers directly to find out what works for them.
  • Be responsive to data and feedback, and don’t forget that customers are people, not data. 
  • Check out our infographic on understanding quality content.