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[Infographic] The Top 2 Attributes that Define High Quality Content

In today’s B2B environment, you can’t be successful without effective content marketing.  And the hallmark of effective content marketing is high quality content.  But how do you define high quality content?  What makes one content asset more valuable and shareable than another?  If you ask 20 marketers this question, you’ll likely receive 20 different responses – from the wildly complex to the overly simplified.  But although explained differently, all of these responses would likely boil down to just a couple core attributes.

We wanted to concisely capture these core attributes of high quality content. So, we developed an infographic on the various quality levels of content, from the blah to the best.  Check out our infographic, print it out, and thumbtack it above your desk as a guide for when you go to write that next blog post or ebook.



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