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[GRAPHIC] Example of an In-Depth Buyer’s Journey Map

Today’s buyers guide themselves through the majority of the purchasing process and use content as the primary way they become aware of, learn about, and select solutions. As a marketer, you play a critical role in this process by providing valuable, targeted content and messaging to the right people at the right points in their journey in order to best serve their needs and influence their decision-making. And you do this by truly understanding your buyers and how they buy. This is why buyer personas and buyer’s journey maps are essential to successful buyer-centric marketing.

We’ve all seen various frameworks for journey maps, but what does a practical, useful journey map actually look like when it’s all built out?  See a snapshot of our example in-depth buyer’s journey map below, and instantly view the PDF here (no form required) to see the entire example.  You’ll gain a clear picture of the insights your map should capture at all 7 stages, and you can use it as a guide for your own journey map development. Afterwards, check out our buyer persona example here.

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